“Jack of All Tastes” is a hosted by Jackie Long, wife of NFL star Jake Long, who has a star power all on her own.  Follow Jackie as she eats her way through South Florida to spotlight both the must-see hotspots and the hidden gems that will leave you hungry for a your own delicious adventure in the “Sunshine state”.  Jackie takes you behind the scenes and into the kitchen as she digs into not just the dishes, but the secret stories behind the chef, cuisine, and unique restaurant concepts.  Tune in to see these south Florida culinary masters at work as they give us a taste of their signature dishes.




Jackie Laurian Long went to the University of Michigan where she studied the Performing Arts as well as Psychology and got a degree in each. Most of her culinary education however, came from working in restaurants came her whole life. While in college, she landed the lead in numerous theatrical productions such as Macbeth, and The Crucible, and also cultivated her knowledge in film studies. Following her love of food and dining, she trained to become a pastry chef at one of the leading fine dining establishments in Ann Arbor. At the U of M, she also met her future husband, Jake long, who would become her biggest fan literally and figuratively. While Jackie was starring in various plays, Jake had his own starring role on the football field. Being an accomplished high school athlete growing up, Jackie’s love of sports flourished as she cheered Jake on from the front row at Michigan Stadium every Saturday and attended the multitude of sporting events offered at a BIG TEN university. After graduating with honors and two degrees, Jackie m oved to Los Angeles. There she took acting and performance classes at the Ivanva Chubbuck Studio. She appeared in many commercials and short films and became SAG member. Jake was drafted #1 overall to the Miami Dolphins and after over year of a long-distance relationship, the couple decided it was time for Jackie to make the move to Miami. Within her first month of living in South Florida, Jackie got the job as on-air host of The Beach Channel where she covered m any different restaurants and tourist attractions. Being the well-travelled and well-fed girl that she is, she took to her “foodie” role on The Beach Channel with excitement and a vibrancy that viewers and advertisers couldn’t resist. She has also landed featured roles in a handful of national commercials. Jake also achieved immediate success and was named to the Pro Bowl his first four years in the NFL.

In March of 2012, the pair was married after 7 years of being together as NFL veterans, Jake and Jackie have made lasting friendships with ballplayers and their significant others all over the league. They have also had the opportunity to meet elite athletes in other professional sports and now have quite the Rolodex of contacts. When Jackie isn’t in front of a camera and Jake isn’t on the football field, their favorite thing to do is go to eat at new hotspots and old favorites with their friends. There isn’t anything that Jackie won’t try when it comes to food so it always makes for an exciting experience.